Kamis, 02 September 2010

TRY being a good listener

Although listening to seem simple, but in fact not many people are able to listen let alone being a good listener, even many people who could say but few are willing to listen,whereas listen effects of very large. that certainly we should hear more, is not god gave us two ears.

however, so I do not criticize us should not talk, talk is fine, as long as we also listened to other people, I'm sure someone else will be difficult to listen to us when we do not want to listen to others, and who clearly deserved praise IS NOT WE IF WE DO NOT WANT OTHERS RECEIVING criticism. soooooo Try to LISTEN.

heard also the most important part in komukasi effective, I'm sure you can imagine the effect that in the absence caused when the ability to hear the baik.yang often happens we will still feel is always right, most competent, and the worst we do not want to listen to others.

one else seemed to be there on the our block note, if we already feel that we are always right and our way is the most true, that means we never listen, so once again, try to be a good listener.

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