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facts about cold sores

Cold sores are actually quite common. It also causes fever blisters or herpes and the most important factor is the herpes simplex virus. In general, the sores are unsightly, contagious and very painful wounds that are found on the edge of the lips and nose, but they can on other sites, such as the neck action, the cheeks and sometimes on the fingertips. There are chances that these wounds and reappears in the same place as the original infection.

The herpes virus, which is the cause of this infection lies dormant in your nerve cells and it is when they are activated, or activated by a disease that will take you to the contract that a weakening of the immune system in the body. This virus could be for several weeks or even years in the ganglia in the back of the jaw resting close to the trunk of the brains. Did you know that if you have a cold sore, you are not only contagious own people around you, but to other Web sites on your body.

The good news about this infection is that it is not a threat to life, such as avian flu. It takes about three minutes on average four weeks ago. These wounds are usually transmitted by direct contact, but they can also be transmitted by coughing or sneezing.

Some of the symptoms of cold sores in the first phase, itching and tingling at the site of the wound just before the outbreak. A slight extension of the area with red fluid-filled blisters that resemble pimples and are extremely painful. Since these bubbles are formed with the larger open wounds to break. This infection is almost always accompanied by headache and fever. If you are sure with a cold sore, you can not get in contact with other infected all personal belongings such as towels or handkerchiefs it.

Some of the removal of a cold sore \ re on-the-counter topical creams that gives you a kind of comfort. The use of ice is said that many of restoration of the pain and offer help to reduce the herpes virus in its resting state.

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